Learn to control your arousal

Learn to control your arousal

A complete therapy on video,
along with the help of a premature ejaculation specialist: an efficient and durable solution to your problem.

This 90 minute video, with its 4 easy steps, has been designed to help you, in just a few weeks, to successfully control your sexual excitement, by targeting your physiological responses, which are the cause of the problem.

More and more scientists agree: the causes of premature ejaculation are physiological, not psychological.
Stress and anxiety may worsen things, but they are not the real cause. This condition affects one in three men, with no regards to race. These men are very easily aroused, usually have a strong libido, are in good health, but are unable to control their intense sexual excitement.

But that can change in just a few weeks.
Thanks to the teachings in this video, with easy to understand, yet detailed explanations, you’ll manage to:

  • Consolidate control on your point of no return through proper breathing;
  • Move with minimal muscle tension in key areas of your body;
  • Use proper rhythm in your movements;
  • Lose yourself in sensual pleasure and bliss;

You will enjoy a more satisfying sex life with your partner and will notice positive effects on other aspects of your life.

How to use this video? By working through it, one step per week, or at your own pace:

  • Listen to the explanations and watch the shown exercises;
  • Do them either with me or on your own throughout the week;
  • Practice what you have learned with your partner as you go along.

Advantages of this at-home therapy:

  • You can do the exercises wherever you are, using your phone, tablet, computer or television;
  • You dictate the pace;
  • You can watch the exercises and listen to the explanations as many times as you need;
  • An accompanying manual provides you with support and encouragement.

You are currently single?
You can still learn all those skills, and they’ll be there for you to use whenever you find a partner. You will feel more confident and ready for a new relationship thanks to them.

Take advantage of this exceptional offer and be done with premature ejaculation once and for all.

If you don’t notice an improvement 30 days after your purchase, you will be reimbursed in full.

THE most effective treatment for PE

With this DVD, you will practice your exercises at your leisure, over your computer,  television, tablet or cell phone.  Your learncontrol your arousal at your own rhythm.

This is a unique clinical approach, in that it incorporates all aspects of an individual in order to maximize their greatest sexual development: body, mind, and emotions.

My guarantee is total. If you ar not completely satisfied,
you will be refunded within 30 days of your purchase.

Nicole Audette M.A. Sexologist
Montréal, Qc Canada +1 514-277-7885  | info@nicoleaudette.com

Learn to control your arousal :

for overcoming Premature Ejaculation

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